In the Telling

Club Idiot, a radio play

January 03, 2022 Liz Christensen / various Season 3 Episode 75
In the Telling
Club Idiot, a radio play
Show Notes

To celebrate reaching 75 episodes, I wanted to release something special in collaboration with my Patreon community. Enjoy this quirky, charming radio play, in the style of an after-school special. Four kids who use a chicken coop for a clubhouse learn how to succeed, support each other, and stand up for what’s right.

Club Idiot is four middle schoolers’ self-imposed punishment for destroying their last
club’s treehouse. Now forced to meet in a chicken coop, they resolve to do something
constructive. They choose to help Jax prepare for their school’s 5K race. The only
problem is that the neighborhood bully Colt is planning to cheat his way to victory over
Jax. The club combines forces with their former leader Bet to secure a victory fair and

Starring Mark Chamberlin as Kip, Liz Christensen as Jax, Ryan Bruckman as Fin, Janilee Hutchings as Red, Josh Curtis as Colt, Katherine Tietjen as Bet, Jason Wadsworth as Dad, Laurie Ellsworth as Mom, Curtis Kidd as Colt's Brother, and Todd Michael Thompson as Race Announcer Voice.

Sound by Ryan Bruckman and Liz Christensen
Story and Produced by Liz Christensen
Written and Directed by Anthony Buck

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