In the Telling

Author Becca Rose

October 11, 2021 Liz Christensen / Becca Rose Season 3 Episode 71
In the Telling
Author Becca Rose
Show Notes

I sit down with author Becca Rose to ask her about cover art, being a female writer of color in the fantasy genre, different pen names, how writing isn’t stressful, and completing a manuscript in a four-day weekend.

Rebecca Roberts ( Becca Rose) was raised in South Pasadena, California. She spent most of her time lost in fictional worlds. Starting with the classics and Shakespeare, she discovered fantasy and paranormal fiction in Middle School and never looked back.

After graduating from Utah Valley University with a degree in English, Rebecca turned all her focus to creating worlds like the ones she grew up with. She lives in Utah County with her two dogs and two cats, who provide emotional support and distractions for when her stories take a turn for the worse.

Check out her book “Elfish: The Windy Adventures,” available on Amazon. It is no secret that Windy is lonely. The only child of a single mom, Windy spends most of her time alone. But when her father shows up to change her life, Windy will do anything to return to her boring life and loving mom.

Thrust into a world of magic, elves, and dangerous creatures, Windy knows she doesn’t belong. Accompanied by her protective shadow and deceptively innocent little sister, Windy sets out across unknown realms in a quest to win her freedom and return home.

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