In the Telling

The Cosplaying Bookstagrammer

May 01, 2021 Liz Christensen / Elizabeth Suggs Season 3 Episode 67
In the Telling
The Cosplaying Bookstagrammer
Show Notes

Elizabeth Suggs uses cosplay to Bookstagram and shows how reading doesn’t have to be so serious. You’ll probably hear in my voice how much I’m a fan of Elizabeth Suggs creativity and energy. She’s involved in a lot of pursuits, I can relate, and she’s an effervescent delight as she talks about her passion for inhabiting a character and encouraging people to read indie authors. We talk about impatience in learning some new type of creative task, and about feeling like we have to multi-task in order to be productive. We talk about video games, audiobooks, indie authors, book reviews, social media usage, and sitting with nothingness. She’s nerdy, she thinks we take reading too seriously, and just like she says, it’s a very good thing that she’s on the side of the good guys.

Here are the links for what we talk about in the interview:
Collective Humanity:
Collective Visions:
Collective Chaos:
Here is the book where Elizabeth cosplayed the cover:
Here is her rendition of it:

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