In the Telling

Quilling with Erin Hayes

October 19, 2020 Liz Christensen / Erin Hayes Season 2 Episode 53
In the Telling
Quilling with Erin Hayes
Show Notes

Show Notes:

Guest Erin Hayes gives a fabulous introduction to the paper art of quilling and shares how starting an art in quarantine has led her to a new talent and business.

Even though Erin still fights against feelings of Imposter Syndrome, she works on her art every day. She was interested in starting quilling almost twenty years ago, but it wasn’t until she got quarantined and picked up a simple little tool that she began her beautiful paper art. Erin began quilling when the pandemic forced her into quarantine and she missed camping in Utah’s beautiful red rock wilderness. Just a few months later and Erin is busy fulfilling commissions.

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